Snoring is a common problem which can be harmful to the individual and distressing to other people sleeping nearby.

It’s estimated that up to 40 per cent of men and women snore to some extent which can lead to sleeplessness, irritability, poor concentration at work and stress on relationships. Left untreated snoring can lead to serious health problems.

Our dentists can evaluate your problem and in simple cases recommend an anti-snoring device. The device holds the lower jaw in a forward position during sleep to keep the airway open. This can minimise or stop the snoring completely.

If the condition is more complex and sleep apnoea is considered likely, a referral to a medical specialist can be arranged.

A sleep study is recommended and depending on the diagnosis, it may be possible to offer a SomnoMed Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) device.

For treatment of OSA a custom made device from SomnoDent is provided. SomnoMed is a clinically validated treatment for OSA and has a high level of success.

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