Special Care Dental offers sedation to make your visit to the dentist less stressful. Sedation is an excellent option for anyone who:

  • Has a fear or phobia of dentistry
  • Dislikes needles
  • Suffers from bad gag reflex
  • Has a physical or mental disability which makes routine dentistry difficult.

Sedation techniques available at our clinic include:

  • Nitrous oxide, commonly known as happy gas

Alternatively we offer a full range of services in hospital, where treatment can be done at Calvary Wakefield Hospital, North Adelaide, Millicent District Hospital or Mt Gambier Hospital with the patient under sedation or general anaesthetic.

An appropriate sedation technique is determined only after a thorough examination. If necessary a medical evaluation can be requested and, if being treated in hospital, we can arrange a pre-op consultation with an anaesthetist

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