A denture is a removable device used as a replacement for missing teeth and there are two main types – complete and partial.

As everyone is different we offer a wide range of moulds and shades to suit your appearance. We also use high quality materials, including

  • Premium acrylic for full dentures
  • A choice of acrylic, cast alloy or a flexible material for partial dentures.

In some cases a soft resilient lining can also be used which acts like a cushion for your gums.

After your initial consultation, further appointments are made with our in-house prosthetist and dentist prior to surgery. We appreciate no-one wants to be without teeth so your denture is fabricated on-site and inserted on the day of your extractions.

Mouths are constantly changing so you should have your dentures checked regularly in case they become loose or unstable. They may need to be relined or refitted, while full dentures should be replaced every five to seven years.

We offer a same day reline and repair service with impressions taken in the morning and the processed dentures refitted in the afternoon.

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