Invisalign®go is a modern approach to braces. It consists of a series of custom- made clear plastic aligners or trays made just for you. These are made from medical grade and BPA-free clear thermoplastic that you wear over your teeth to gradually move them to create that perfect smile you’ve always wanted. They are virtually invisible so people may not even notice that you are wearing them. This means you can always smile with confidence, as compared to traditional braces where the wires and metal brackets can be seen.

Since Invisalign aligners are removable, you can still floss and brush your teeth as per normal – whereas braces may make it difficult for you to clean in between metal brackets, which can result in plaque accumulation and poor oral hygiene. The aligners are even suitable for an active lifestyle as there are no brackets cutting your mouth. Since they are easily removable, you have the freedom to eat, chew and drink whatever you like.

You’ll wear each set of aligners for one to two weeks, as prescribed by your Dentist. You’ll probably schedule check-ups every six to eight weeks to check your progress.

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